Cancer Natural Cures Arum Maculatum

Arum maculatum can be used as a herbal remedy with caution.
Arum maculatum can be used as a herbal remedy with caution.

While there are no complete cancer natural cures, Arum maculatum and other plants have medicinal qualities that can help alleviate symptoms and promote good health.

There is currently no known cure for cancer. Each year millions of dollars are spent on researching the causes and symptoms of the disease using state of the art technology. While medical and science professionals are looking for a cure for cancer, many people are turning to natural remedies to help in other ways. Many natural remedies, for instance, can help with digestion problems that can arise with many types of cancer or help to support the general overall health of the body. Many natural medicinal remedies are well known and people are familiar with them and their use. Some others, however are less well known and this includes Arum maculatum. Although there are no full cancer natural cures, Arum maculatum and other wild plants are worth learning more about.

What is Arum Maculatum?

Arum maculatum is a plant that is often found in woodlands and other overgrown areas. The plant grows best in temperate climates and enjoys a shady environment. Arum maculatum requires moist soil and grows best out of full sun. It flowers in April and May with the seeds ripening in July and August. Arum maculatum has a long and tuberous root. This grows deep underground and is similar to a root vegetable in appearance.

Arum maculatum is a distinctive plant with a long single flower head. The plant is often known by other names including Lords and Ladies, Devils and Angels, Cows and Bulls, Jack in the Pulpit, Cuckoo-Pint, Starch-Root, Bobbins and Wake Robin.


Arum maculatum is a poisonous plant and should be handled with care. Folklore often repeats tales of children who have died after eating the berries. The berries are the most toxic part of Arum maculatum and they can cause extreme discomfort if they are eaten. The juice from the berries will cause a burning sensation and medical advice should be sought if the berries are consumed.

Medical Use of Arum Maculatum

Arum maculatum has a long history of medical use. While these do not provide cancer natural cures, Arum maculatum can help alleviate a range of different symptoms. The berries are highly toxic and should be avoided. The large tuberous root, however, has long been believed to have medicinal powers. The root is full of starch and has been used in many ways. Some of the medicinal uses of Arum maculatum include:

  • Alleviate symptoms of sore throats - Arum maculatum is reported to help alleviate the symptoms of sore throats. It is taken as a homeopathic remedy and the tincture helps to reduce swollen membranes.
  • Diuretic and stimulant - the root at one time was used as a diuretic and stimulant. It has dramatic and unpredictable results and this has meant that it is rarely used in this way now without supervision from a trained professional.
  • Topically applied - an ointment or tincture from the root has been used to help alleviate symptoms of rheumatism. It is applied to the skin, however given the extreme toxicity of the plant, this should be done with great care and professional advice sought first.

Cancer Natural Cures, Arum Maculatum and other Plants

Natural remedies have long been used to treat illness and alleviate symptoms of disease. Some plants can provide significant benefits and are a natural way to treat illness. Although there are no cancer natural cures, Arum maculatum and other plants can be used as part of a natural therapy plan. It is important, however, to always seek professional medical advice too and to always let a doctor know if you are taking herbal remedies. In rare instances, they can affect more conventional treatments.

There are no magic cures, however both old and new remedies have an important part to play to in alleviating symptoms of diseases such as cancer and to help to promote good health.

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Cancer Natural Cures Arum Maculatum