All About Herbs

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Bitter herbs, or Maror, play an important role in Jewish Passover traditions, since they serve as a reminder of the bitter suffering that the Israelites endured while enslaved by the Egyptians. Whether you want… Keep reading »

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All About Herbs
Mortar and pestle with fresh herbs

If you want to learn all about herbs, you've come to the right place! Herbs are plants that are valued for their medicinal and culinary uses. Many also offer a wonderful fragrance that will make your home and bath more inviting.

Learn All About Herbs

When you begin to learn all about herbs, you may be surprised to find out that herbs are not just leafy flowers. They can also be woody shrubs or even trees. Herbs come from the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds or fruit of a plant.

Many herbs can be enjoyed in foods and teas to add a whole new depth a flavors. Other herbs should not be ingested because they can make you very ill. They can, however, be used in salves or tinctures that may be rubbed on your skin. Benefits of these formulations can range from moisturizing tired skin to easing muscle pain.

Many Uses

Herbs have so many wide and varied used, you may reason that it is impossible to learn all about herbs. Start small and learn the benefits and recommendations of just a few herbs. As you become comfortable with using them, increase you knowledge and learn about a few more.

Deciding which ones to learn about first is easy! Do you have a common malady that you would like to find some relief from? Learn about a few herbs that may ease your discomfort. Do you love to try different types of herbal teas? Learn how to grow and make some of your favorite flavors. Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Start with a few culinary herbs. Do you have a knack for creating inviting home environments? Learn about fragrant herbs and make your own potpourri.

Soon you will see that there is no end to the uses and value of herbs. You are only limited by your time and desire to learn.

All About Herbs