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Article Highlight: Benefits of Bissy Tea

Bissy, also called kola nut, is the fruit of the Kola tree, which is an evergreen native to Africa. Kola nuts are the same caffeinated ingredient that launched Coca-Cola's original recipe in the late 19th century.… Keep reading »

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If you are interested in expanding your knowledge about the healing power of herbs and how you can use them to promote health, the Herbal Remedies category on LoveToKnow Herbs has all of the resources you need. With no shortage of well-researched articles to choose from, this site offers an in-depth look at a variety of herbal remedies and their applications.

Medicinal Herbs and Animals

Pet lovers will uncover a wealth of information pertaining to the use of herbs for various animal conditions. Whether you are looking for general information on using herbs with canines or have a specific condition in mind, such as kennel cough, there are many well-documented articles to be found. There is even information regarding the use of herbal supplements for horses.

Herbal Remedies and Common Ailments

If you want to know how herbs can help you with a particular illness or condition, you will find herbal remedies for many common ailments. Examples include the following:

Beauty Secrets and More

If you are seeking natural beauty tips, you will find a plethora of well-researched articles discussing herbal applications for such things a gray hair, hair growth, and skin conditions. In addition, you'll find information about making many herbal health and beauty remedies at home using easy-to-follow recipes and instructions for products likes herbal healing salves.

Putting Safety First

It's essential that you trust the information you find about herbal remedies, since some herbs have side effects and may interfere with prescription medicines. In addition to perusing the reliable information on LoveToKnow, you should always consult your doctor about using herbal remedies.

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Herbal Remedies