Herbal Salves

Article Highlight: Devil's Club Salve Uses and DIY

Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) is a medicinal plant used for pain relief. It's found growing in the Pacific Northwest and the Alaskan mountain regions. This versatile plant will grow under most soils condition… Keep reading »

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Herbal Salves
Benefit from a variety of natural salves.

Herbal salves are a convenient way to benefit from the healing power of herbs. Useful in treating burns, bruises, cuts and infections, herbal salves are a must have item for every herbal medicine cabinet. Here, you can learn more about the benefits as well as how to make your own.


The healing abilities of herbal salves have been appreciated for generations. Herbal salves are often used to treat infections such as boils. These slaves help bring the infection out of the boil and by doing so, help ease the discomfort of the boil and speed healing.

Some salves have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that may prevent infection in minor scrapes and cuts. Be sure the salves you use on cuts are intended for that purpose.

Soothing Salves

Salves can also be used to sooth chapped or irritated skin. Herbal lip balms, salves for rash and many other herbal salves are important to keep near by. You never know when you'll need one for you or your family.

Never run out of your favorite soothing salve by keeping the herbal salve recipe on hand. make more any time you appear to be running low.

Other Uses

Salves are helpful for a variety of other ailments and irritations as well. Insect bites, splinters, arthritis pain and even colds and allergies can benefit from the various herbal salves that you can make or purchase.

With so many uses, herbal salves belong in every home medicine cabinet. They're inexpensive and many can be made at home. Be sure to have a tube of your favorite herbal salve on hand to treat minor ailments.

Herbal Salves