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Interviews with herbs experts are your opportunity to learn all about herbs from professional growers, chefs, doctors, and naturalists. Whether you're a newbie or an herb-enthusiast, you'll discover new benefits and uses of common herbs and what's trending in the world of herbs.

Expert Advice on Cooking With Herbs

If you're new to cooking with herbs, you'll want to start with learning how to identify and use culinary herbs. Visiting the herbs section at a local nursery and growing herbs from seeds at home are two of the best ways to learn what each herb looks, smells, and tastes like. Then you can start to explore making herbal oils and vinegars or other recipes that include cooking with fresh herbs. Choose one or two herbs you're familiar with and experiment with recipes using those herbs. Author Steve Brill takes you a step further outside the kitchen to harvest and eat other wild foods in addition to herbs.

Introduction to Herbal Medicine

The history of herbs as medicine and remedies goes back to nearly the beginning of time. Ancient cultures around the world discovered the many benefits of different herbs and medical researchers today use these discoveries to spark medical breakthroughs. Hopeful doctors can study at naturopathic schools to earn credentials in holistic approaches to wellness. Some herbs are known to have antiviral properties while others are helpful in specific situations. For example, herbal treatments for arthritis include alfalfa, chamomile, and nettles. Olive leaf extract in tea has been used to reduce fevers and blood pressure.

Where to Buy Herbs

If you aren't able to grow or gather your own herbs, there are many companies growing them for you. Gaia Herbs out of North Carolina sits on a 250-acre organic farm and sells everything from herbal remedy mixtures to bottles of individual herbs. Another natural products company is Organix South who is the leading manufacturer of certified organic neem products. You can also find potted herbs at plant nurseries and even herb-growing kits at most big box stores.

Living the Herbal Life

People looking for natural medicines and seasonings enjoy the properties of different herbs. Discover how herbs can experts can help you cook up tasty natural creations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Explore the healing powers of herbs after talking to your doctor about health concerns. However you choose to use herbs, let the experts help you feel confident in your choices.

Helpful Expert Herb Advice