Dr. Oz Home Remedies

Garlic for ear infection

Popular physician Mehmet Oz, M.D. has his own television show, and Dr. Oz home remedies are viewers' favorites. Even though Dr. Oz has extensive medical experience in high-tech surgical techniques, many of his home remedies are inexpensive, easy to use, and sensible. He also invites viewers to submit their home remedies too.

About Dr. Oz

Many people first got to know Dr. Oz through his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey talk show, but he was already a well-known expert and familiar face in medical circles. The author of several books and hundreds of articles, Dr. Oz is Professor of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University and the founder of the Complementary Medicine Program at another landmark hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital. He received his medical education at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. His primary training and experience as a conventional medical doctor and cardiac surgeon give his advice a gravitas not usually found among those promoting a holistic lifestyle. While Dr. Oz's advice may involve conventional remedies, throughout his books and television appearances he strongly recommends a healthy lifestyle, including a heart healthy diet, exercise, and other techniques to maintain good health.

Dr. Oz Home Remedies

Dr. Oz often recommends home remedies on his television show. On a recent show, for example, he discussed food problems. After showing his studio audience pictures of what are called hammer toes (toes bent at the joint), he demonstrated exercises for the feet to prevent hammertoes. To keep the muscles, ligaments and joins in the foot working properly, simply place small rocks, pebbles or marbles on the floor. Use your bare foot and pick up the objects with your toes, placing them off to the side. This simple exercise gives your foot quite a workout and can strengthen it to prevent hammertoes. He also recommends holistic health products, such as Yoga Toes, a device to keep toes straight.

Home Remedies that Work

Viewers often submit home remedies to Dr. Oz for scrutiny. Samples include:

  • Garlic: Herbal healers have long advised using garlic as an antibacterial agent. It's also recommended as part of a diet to lower cholesterol, often taken in the form of garlic pills or supplements. But can it cure an ear infection? This home remedy was tested by Dr. Oz and found to work. At the first sign of an ear infection, insert a whole clove of garlic in the ear. Don't cut the garlic or the juice can sting, burn or irritate the skin.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a golden yellow spice often used in Indian cuisine. It's been studied extensively as a cancer preventative. Like garlic, it's also reputed to have antibacterial properties. Dr. Oz tested the use of turmeric powder on cuts and scrapes as an antiseptic. He agrees that this is a good home remedy, so go ahead and try it. Use the same turmeric powder you buy at the grocery store in the spice aisle.
  • Baking soda: Acid reflux plagues thousands of Americans, and while there are special prescription medications to deal with it, a simple solution of water and baking soda actually works, according to Dr. Oz. Mix one cup of water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass and drink it three times a day, five days a week, for three weeks.

There are many other home remedies that Dr. Oz believes work. For more, visit the Dr. Oz Show website.

Remedies that Don't Work

Dr. Oz has also received viewer home remedies that he's tested but finds don't work. A concoction of lemon juice, water and rum, for example, used as a liniment when you have a fever doesn't work well. And never use mayonnaise or butter on a burn. It not only doesn't kill the pain, it can also create the perfect environment for bacteria to breed, leading to infection. Aloe vera works better on burns.

Criticism of Home Remedies

Dr. Oz has received a lot of criticism from the conventional medical establishment for his belief and promotion of holistic remedies. His wife, Lisa, is a reiki (energy) healer and he does recommend many alternative medical practices. His blend of conventional expertise and holistic suggestions, however, appeals to many who seek a happy medium between the two extremes. Try some Dr. Oz home remedies yourself and see what you think.

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Dr. Oz Home Remedies