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Guarani Indian Cold and Flu Herbal Remedy

Guarani Indian Cold and Flu Herbal Remedy
Find Natural Remedies for the Swine Flu

For those who seek natural cures for cold or flu, why not try the Guarani Indian cold and flu herbal remedy? The Guarani Indians have used herbal remedies for centuries and now you can find this natural cure at many health food stores and online.

About the Gurani Indians

The Guarani Indians are native to South America; specifically between Uruguay and the the Paraguay rivers in Argentina. The legend of these Indians of the rain forest was spawned by a visitor who was fair-skinned and blue-eyed and taught the Guarani about agriculture and how they could use plant resources as herbal medicines. This visitor, whom they called the God Pa'i Shume, helped the Guarani Indians understand the healing powers of Azteca, Stevia, and the Yerba Mate tree. These products are now available in many herbal stores and online. For those seeking relief during cold and flu season, this Guarani Indian cold and flu remedy has been proven to be quite effective.

What Is the Guarani Indian Cold and Flu Herbal Remedy?

Through their agricultural and botanical teachings, the Guaranis were able to combine Azteca (cepropia prachystachya trecul), stevia, and licorice pepper to battle colds, flus, coughs, and even sinus infections. This herbal mixture is available in a loose tea form, tea bags, and as an instant tea and most contain no caffeine, often found in other cold and flu remedies that can cause nervousness.

Where to Buy the Cold and Flu Remedy

  • Empower Net - Here you can find Azteca in a powder beverage form from Latin Legends. Mix with water as a cold or hot beverage to soothe sore throats and battle flu and cold symptoms.
  • The Vitamin Shoppe - This online website offers Symfre Cold and Flu made by the Wisdom of the Ancients. This tea is effective when sipped through a Bombilla and contains Azteca, honeyleaf stevia and piper dilatatum (licorice pepper).
  • VitaCost - Here, you'll find Wisdom Natural herbal tea that is blended with cecropia adenopus Martius leaf, Azteca, and stevia. They also offer a Bombilla strainer straw which is the recommended way to sip this cold and flu remedy.
  • HerbsPro - Choose from a variety of Yerba Mate instant teas from Wisdom Herbs. Made from certified organic Yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis) with no GMOs, these instant teas can be mixed with stevia sweetener to reap the maximum benefits during cold and flu season.
  • Cid Botanicals - Cids offers stevia loose tea packets in 50 and 100 count packages. It's made from 100 percent pure Paraguayan stevia and is a great Guarani Indian remedy promising quick relief of sore throats and cold and flu symptoms.

Tips on Buying Guarani Indian Products Online

Before you purchase any Guarani Indian product online, follow these tips:

  1. Secure Server - Make sure when checking out that the website offers a secure server. You can tell if company offers a secure server if HTTPS appears in the URL on the checkout page.
  2. Return Policy - Be sure to read a company's return policy in case you receive items in error or items that are damaged and need to be returned. Skip online sites that have no return policy.
  3. Privacy Policy - Read each company's privacy policy to ensure they won't sell your email address to a mass-market email company. Make sure they'll keep your personal information safe.

Cold and flu season seems to hit fast and with a strong vengeance each year. For fast and natural relief, try a Guarani Indian cold and flu herbal remedy the next time you're under the weather.

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Guarani Indian Cold and Flu Herbal Remedy