Herbs to Darken Gray Hair for Natural Color

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While there are many herbal products that claim they can darken hair or temporarily cover gray hair without harsh chemicals, there is a great deal of debate as to their efficacy. Before using any of these products, you should do your homework. In addition, there are a number of natural things you can do to fight gray hair safely and effectively.

Herbal Product to Darken Gray Hair for Natural Color

Companies have been working to find chemicals and herbs to darken gray hair while still maintaining a natural look, but most products on the market still produce splotchy results at best, showing that there's still a long way to go when it comes to natural hair color. The following products claim to be able to help disguise your grays without harsh chemicals.

He Shou Wu

There is a traditional Chinese medicine product called He Shou Wu. This is a remedy that should not be self-prescribed, as traditional Chinese medication practitioners believe it can cause undesirable side effects if used improperly or by the wrong person. Check with a Chinese medicine practitioner to see if this herbal remedy is right for you.

Bringaraja and Amla

There is an Ayurvedic herbal cure for gray hair called bringaraja and another called amla. Since Ayurvedic medicine is based on a balancing of energies to support your overlying body type, consultation with a practitioner is essential before taking any Ayurvedic remedies.


There is a natural "cure" for gray hair called Reminex. The manufacturer claims this supplement provides all natural hair color restoration; however, there are no studies to support the safety or efficacy of this claim.

Shop for Herbal Hair Dyes and Supplements

You can shop for natural solutions for covering grey hair quickly and easily by patronizing these online merchants:

  • Mountain Rose Herbs: If you are looking for certified organic herbs and spices, Mountain Rose Herbs is a dependable source that is certified by Oregon Tilth. As an example of their product offerings, you can purchase amla, which some people believe can darken hair.
  • Lass Naturals: You might benefit from henna leaves and herbs such as amla, bhringray and neem if you purchase and use Herbal Henna Powder. In addition to containing herbs to help cover gray quickly and safely, the preparation is free of harmful additives such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or phthalates.
  • LoveLula: Choose from a wide range of colors and shades to cover grey by browsing the selection of their Logona natural hair dyes. These products are certified by BDIH and free from toxic ingredients like ammonium, SLS or peroxide.
  • Nature's Elements Inc.: Purchase a one-monthly supply of He Shou Wu in a convenient capsule form. Shop online safely and securely with a major credit card, and take advantage of their 5-star guarantee and low shipping rates.

Curing Gray Hair Related to Nutritional Imbalance

While graying is a natural part of the aging process, premature aging can sometimes be caused by a nutritional deficiency. Below are some supplements you may be able to take if your premature graying is caused by a nutritional deficiency.

  • Gray hair can be the result of a B12 deficiency. Supplementation of this vitamin may stop or reverse the process if you are B12 deficient.
  • Thyroid imbalances may cause gray hair. Taking a thyroid support supplement such as guggul may help balance your thyroid; however, it is best to seek the advice of an endocrinologist if you believe you have a thyroid imbalance.

In other cases, premature graying is likely related to heredity. If one of your parents went gray prematurely and you are experiencing it too, there is a good chance that heredity is at play and not a nutritional deficiency.

The Bottom Line

There is no magic bullet for gray hair. While a number of natural supplement manufacturers make products that claim to restore color to hair, no studies have been done that prove their efficacy and safety. If you decide to try any of the supplements, be sure you have educated yourself about the benefits and risks of such supplementation. Always talk with your health care provider before self-prescribing any herbal supplements.

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Herbs to Darken Gray Hair for Natural Color