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Natural Sinus Remedies

Natural Sinus Remedies
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Sinus aches, pains and pressure, along with one prescribed antibiotic after another can make anyone seek out natural sinus remedies. Which ones are best and where can you find advice on herbal remedies that will provide sinus relief?

Reasons to Avoid Conventional Sinus Remedies

Conventional sinus remedies have been on the market for years as over-the-counter treatments. They come in pill and capsule form, liquid and sprays. Beyond our sinus dependence to these remedies if we overuse, they can cause drowsiness, sleeplessness, irritability or excitability, especially in children.

Sinus sprays often contain ephedra that seems to initially help with sinus or allergy problems but in the long run, your sinuses will need more of ephedra sinus sprays to achieve the same effect.

If you have high blood pressure or a heart ailment, over-the-counter sinus remedies are usually not recommended due to possible adverse effects. Antibiotics have been over prescribed for almost every sinus problem, making our bodies immune to them.

Finally, a trip to the drugstore can be overwhelming with the array of sinus relieving choices on the market. Determining the right one for your symptoms is a challenge.

Great Natural Sinus Remedies

For relief of a runny nose, sneezing, blocked sinuses, sore throat and coughs caused by sinus drips, try skipping the conventional remedies and invest in some of these natural sinus remedies:

  • SinuFix™ - Effective for both sinus and allergy problems, this spray mist includes a natural decongestant. Made of many herbs including Echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, oregano and Luffa fruit, SinuFix is also available in capsule form and is made of 100 percent natural ingredients and is ephedra-free.
  • Saline Sprays - Saline sprays are great for sinus drying problems. Most sprays available can be used in an upward position for a mist or held downward for drops. Available in both brand name and generics, saline sprays can be used as often as needed and also help reduce swollen sinuses.
  • Steam Solutions - Using a pot or bowl full of hot water and a few drops of essential oils is also a great way to treat sinus problems. Oils like eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint and rosemary are just a few that provide great relief.
  • Goldenseal Root Snuff - Available at many herbal stores, goldenseal root snuff is made into a powder form and gently sniffed into your nostrils. Many sinus sufferers find this effective if sniffing the powder isn't too uncomfortable.
  • Ginger Root Tea - If sinus headaches are a problem, ginger root tea is not only soothing and relaxing, it can help reduce aches, even headaches. It can also relax the throat and stop coughing.
  • Natural Sinus Tablets - Products containing Pelargonium like Umka have shown improvement for people who suffer from stuffy sinuses that won't loosen. Pelargonium is made from a geranium plant from South Africa and can found in most herbal stores.
  • Neti Pot - This holistic and natural sinus remedy has been around for a while now and is recommended by allergists and ear, nose and throat physicians. This easy-to-use sinus relieving pot reduces irritants, loosens mucus and congestion, and keeps your sinuses moist. Often, dry sinuses that are not irrigated are more easily infected, making the Neti Pot an effective, yet natural, sinus reliever. Compared to the small cone-like tool sinus specialists used to prescribe that attached to a water pick, this is not as difficult to use and good for all ages.
  • Congest Ease Compound - Made from coleus, forskolii, cubeb berry, and Yerba mansa, this tablet is an effective way to unclog stuffed sinuses.

Tips on Herbal Remedies

As with anything you use to naturally treat what ails you, keep these tips in mind:

  1. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your physician, midwife or herbalist if the product is safe for you to use.
  2. Stuffy sinuses that come with severe headaches, body aches and fever could be a sign of an infection. If these are your symptoms, seek the advice of a doctor if herbal remedies don't work.
  3. Only take the recommended dose the product suggests. If you're unsure, ask a pharmacist or herbalist.
  4. If your knowledge of natural herbal remedies is limited, visit your local herbal store, discuss your symptoms and allow the staff help you make a good choice.
  5. If buying natural sinus remedies online, be sure you only buy from a website that offers a secure server. You can tell if a website has a secure server if it has "HTTPS" in the URL.
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Natural Sinus Remedies