Organix South Interview

Night Stress Herbal Supplement
Night Stress Herbal Supplement

Organix-South is a quickly-growing natural products company that has been in business since 1998. They are the leading manufacturer of certified organic neem products in the world as well as the producer of fair-trade, organic herbal supplement and body care products. Recently, LoveToKnow Herbs was able to speak with Autumn Blum, CEO of Organix-South, to discuss her fantastic products and innovative company.

About Autumn Blum and Organix-South

How did you get started?

It all started in 1994 when I met the mighty Neem tree, also known as the village pharmacy or "free tree of India." "Free" because it is found growing throughout India and for thousands of years it has freely provided broad-spectrum benefits for health and wellness for millions of individuals.

The Neem tree is extremely multifaceted and provides healing benefits for the health and well being of people, pets and the planet. My knowledge as a cosmetic chemist guided me to dig deeper into the 4000 years of empirical use of Neem to formulate my TheraNeem products line around its amazing health and skin benefits.

Tell us about your company

TheraNeem Lemongrass Soap
TheraNeem Lemongrass Soap

We are proud to be a privately held, woman-owned company supporting U.S. jobs. We're headquartered in a rural and economically distressed part of Florida where we have 15 employees on site for the USA manufacturing of our TheraNeem herbal body care products and distribution of our TheraVeda herbal dietary supplements. We have five employees who work from home, reducing the carbon footprint involved with the commute.

We are consistently striving to reduce our carbon footprint and to support our staff, customers and planet on a greener path.

What makes your herbal formulas special?

TheraVeda is the only line of herbal dietary supplements that provides the concentrated, broad-spectrum actions of three forms of organic extracts. Each herb extracts better in different extractives: Water extracts (or tea, extracts the most water-soluble constituents), alcohol extracts (extracts the most alcohol-soluble constituents), and CO2 extracts (extracts the most fat-soluble constituents).No other herbal product manufacturer has combined all three extracts and bound them back to the whole herb. This allows the herbs to work quickly and effectively in the body. People tend to need less of our supplements to get results and this is cost effective.


"Thera" comes from the word "theraputic." "Veda" means knowledge or wisdom. Together the words support our intention: To utilize the therapeutic wisdom of herbs to support and enrich the body.

ThereVeda offers:

TheraVeda Aller Support
TheraVeda Aller Support
  • 12 condition-specific formulas that are user friendly. It is easy to understand how the herbs work. We offer a tremendous amount of information on every box and on our website so our customers can learn more about how the herbs work. If you understand the herbs, you understand the formulas.
  • Energetically balanced herbal combinations of two to six herbs. We use the fewest herbs to achieve the maximum therapeutic benefit. This means that the herbs are mindfully combined to include both warming and cooling properties and benefit the most people. This is an important aspect of traditional herbal medicine. Too much of a cooling or heating herb by itself can disrupt the harmony of the body. Our formulas were created to balance the body energetically.
  • We use many of the most popular herbs in the industry today: Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Amla, Bacopa and Neem.
  • TheraVeda® utilizes the wisdom of Ayurveda, although we don't "sell" Ayurveda. TheraVeda® combines a system of health care with over 4000 years of knowledge with our leading-edge, patent-pending technology.
  • Organix-South's TheraVeda® vegetarian capsules contain no corn, soy, salt, yeast, sugar, wheat, egg or dairy products and are formulated without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.
  • We third-party test all of our herbs for botanical identity, purity and strength, assuring that our herbs are free of unwanted microorganisms, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Umbari Farm

Tell us about where your herbs are grown

Our partners in India are the well-respected Nisarga Biotech. Nisarga means nature. Organix-South's organic farm is called Umbari farm. Umbari farm is located south of Pune (which is southeast of Mumbai), outside the city of Satara, which is the largest nearby city.

Umbari farm has 10 acres of organic farmland. We are certified organic by the internationally recognized, ECOCERT. Surrounding Umbari farm is 20 acres of national forest areas that have been certified organic by ECOCERT where we ethically wild-craft Shatavri and Hemidesmus.

Organix-South also purchases herbs from nearby Vita organic farm which is located outside of Satara. We are working with almost 1000 farmers, out of which, 150 farming families have been 100 percent organic for more than two years. Vita organic farm is 30 acres and has converted 250 acres of surrounding farms into organic over the last three years. Our target is to have another 1200 acres certified in the next two years encompassing a total area of 1500 acres.

Finding Organix-South Products

Organic-South products can be found nationwide at many natural foods stores and online at The website also has a store tracker to help you find a retail store near you.

At the time of this writing, Organix-South carries a line of 28 ThereNeem products and 12 TheraVeda products. There are plans to soon expand their lines to include new hair care products, launch a line of pet products and add a TheraNeem Lip Therapé with SPF.

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Organix South Interview